Saturday, November 1, 2008

lamps for kpp's room

i've had these really cool white lamps for a while...i picked them up from a thrift store here in the city.."valley
thrift" on reading road...there are two..i paid 2.99 each..

like i said..ive had them for a while...but i want to use them in my son's room...i've already grown tired of his decor...the reason i hadn't used them until now has only been for one simple reason...NO LAMPSHADES!..(as you can see im a lamp addict! i buy the lamp THEN the shade!)... found these lamp shade at goodwill..they are originally from target..(goodwill has target items now...i guess they get all the returned..damaged..and no sale goods) makes me happy...but the shade is really cute with no updates..if i had a cute little babyGIRL!

and the shade WITH the lamp?! TOTALLY CUTE!.....but again..tooo cute for a 4 year old boy! thinking ill use a new ribbon..and X the bow?? or just take the ribbon out and use nothing at all.....

yeeah....x that..i dont like the nothing at all all ill use the ribbon minus the cute little im off the find some ribbon (i'll probably fall asleep once its found :))...there is bound to be some around here....maybe under my pillow on my bed lol :)

oh yeah the lamps..2.99 x 2 a year or so ago = $6
the shades $6 x2 (50% off today) = $6
for the grand total of $12 for both....i cant wait to give you an update with the new ribbon. 


Lindsay said...

i really really like the ribbon and bow....i mean duh i like girly....but that shade is so super cute! it looks like a perfect lamp! is it hyde park that has all the target stuff at goodwill?? oh and i'm totally going to make an amy butler quilt now.....i'm obsessed!

Luuvely said...

ooh i know you are obsessed with everything amy butler! you looove her! and so do i!

allll of the goodwills carry target things! i looove it..

and yes i love the bow and ribbon myself..but NOT for my

i bought orange ribbon today...lets see how it turns out :)