Sunday, November 2, 2008

kpps lamp??

the lamps are for his room...awwww...he's cute.. lol..but still not cute enough for a bow lol

well here is the lampshade...all decked out in orange not sure if i like it...but itll do for now...maybe navy blue?? the orange almost looks peach...
the ribbon = $1
the lamps = $6
the shades = $6
grand total of = $13 ! :)


Lindsay said...

oooooh i want the ribbon to be a really thick flat rust darker.....don't you think?? it really doesn't look bad now though.

Luuvely said...

yeah..i was actually thinking of using some really cute navy rope..its navy ill try that use the PEACH/ORANGE ribbon for gift wrapping! lol

Lindsay said...

ooooooh! kpp's stocking just got here and it is soooooooo cute!! i'm soooo glad i made some factory person embroider the name "Khalil"! i'm excited for christmas!

Katie @ said...

The wrapping paper background on that shelf looks amazing. Are you thinking white paint or another color? Either way--I like where it's going. We recently moved to Berlin, and I have been thinking about doing the same with one of our bookshelves. Thanks for the IKEA mention--one of the few places I know around here!

Copy Cat Chic said...

Hi there! This doesn't relate to your post at all, but I remember the comment you made on my post:

I found this mirror you might's sort of similar ;)